Director: Shaktiraj Singh Jadeja | Country: India


Indigo, is a colour of many faces. From the time it was discovered, it has led to many wars in its name. It has led to exploitation and rebellion in the same breath. The colour that once was so rare that only royal families were allowed to wear them, is now in danger of being overridden by chemicals. The age old traditions of making the colour naturally is fading away thick and fast and with its process, even all of its poetry and culture is being lost. And in a country like India, where Indigo was at the centre of all its culture, the colour in its natural form has been slowly disappearing. Yet, like in most tragedies, there has always been a sense of hope. And in this story, it has come in the most unlikeliest of sources. Little pockets across the country have rejuvenated this practise, and have gone on a journey to discover the colour in its most essential and pure form. We trace the life of Indigo, as we try unveil the mysteries of its making and live through the journeys of its makers.

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