Director: Glória Halász | Country: Hungary


In Rupa’s Boutique there are dreams on the hangers. Dreams that meant hope for the victims of acid attacks even in the worst times. All the girls: Rupa, Soniya, Gita, Neetu, Dolly and Laxmi are back on their feet after their tragedy. They all found a way back to society, became independent and visible.

Rupa, living in the city of Agra in India, wanted to be a fashion designer since her childhood. The girl would like to open her own boutique so that she could become independent financially. In the boutique she would like to employ her fellow victims of acid attack. In the film we are getting to know her and her fellow victims’ life stories and dreams, meanwhile they are preparing for a monumental fashion show, where the Rupa designed clothes are showcased by the survivors.

According to the activists of Stop Acid Attacks helping the victims, in India there are 3-5 attacks each week. Many victims do not report the crimes to the police because they are afraid of being socially stigmatised. The campaign helps victims to find their way back to society, they have established a crisis centre which provides safe environment for victims, where they can receive medical help and can spend their time in a convenient and useful way. The centre also supports them in unfolding their ambitions be it activist aspirations or working in their café.

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