Sohil’s very first memory of falling in love with motion pictures is when he saw Jurassic park as a kid in a very small theatre with his father. The power and the impact of moving images fascinated him as a child. He was told that pursing career in the field of filmmaking is a daydream for a boy growing up in the middle class family like him and it won’t be enough to make through survival. He accepted this pragmatically as his present and started to pursue career in computer science and earned master’s degree but his fascination for filmmaking couldn’t be swayed.

He took the initiative to make a documentary named ‘Diaries of Unknown’ to tell the story of 15 million homeless people without any document of existence, living across India who are not even recognized as a part of population by the Indian government. This documentary screened in various national and International film festivals across India and stirred conversation amongst the audiences about this issue. He continued making short films, documentaries as well as published couple of articles about cinema while living in Pune.

To push his knowledge about craft further and to learn to communicate with larger audiences he thought of applying to University of Southern California’s prestigious film school for MFA in Film Directing . After  getting accepted through a rigorous and extremely competitive admission process  into USC, his family encouraged him to take this big step, to go to pursue his passion.

While absorbing completely different culture while living in Los Angeles he tries to bring his distinct sensibility cause of his different cultural background into his filmmaking. Cinema of Ingmar Bergman, Andrei Tarkovasky, Steven Spielberg, David Fincher, Darren Arnovasky inspires him to push his own boundaries of storytelling. He want to keep learning about the craft of filmmaking while making films which are thought provoking, visually compelling and important in terms of content, in the future.