The Day He Died


Director: Abhijeet Sarthi

This story is set in rural Chhattisgarh amidst Goddess Durga Puja festival (Navratra). ‘Vikas’ is a handicapped boy who lives with his pregnant mother ‘Tomin’ and drunkard father ‘Prakash’. Tomin knows Goddess exists but doesn’t have any faith in her, she has lost all hopes on any kind of religious belief. The most important reason behind her behavior is Prakash. He is an extremely religious person and thinks that he doesn’t have to work as Goddess has given him this life and she will take care of everything. Tomin is frustrated, she asks him to swear on there to be born child that he will never drink again. Tomin has high hopes from Vikas that he will not walk on the path of his father. Tomin’s delivery pain starts and Prakash & Vikas takes her to hospital but the hospital authority refuses to admit her until they deposit the money. Prakash assures Tomin that he will take care of everything and he goes out of the hospital. Vikas is waiting with his mother in the hospital corridor, she is crying in pain. Hospital authority tells him that without money they can’t admit his mother. Vikas is getting desperate with each passing minute and Prakash is nowhere to be seen. Tomin’s labor pain starts and some women from the corridor help her and tell Vikas to stay away. Vikas then gets the knowledge that if someone takes Bana, all his wishes can come true. Durga Procession starts, Prakash is collecting money from villagers and Tomin is crying in pain. But instead of going to hospital Prakash goes to drink liquor, Tomin is still crying in pain. Finally in liquor shop, completely drunk Prakash thanks Tomin for this liquor party and asks Goddess to take care of her. Vikas has pierced his tongue and he is dancing in the procession and that piercing is called Bana. Tomin is lying dead on the corridor of the hospital. Vikas is still dancing in hope Goddess will take care of everything.

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