Director: Mudassir Mashalkar | Country: India


JUSTAJU-THE LONGING is a day in the life of Valmiki, an old retired professor who has little in life to look forward to. Sadness is visible in his eyes. Stepping out of his house every morning, and taking aimless journeys from one end of the city to another has become a ritual for him.
On one such journey, he comes across two stories that intrigue him. What is it in these stories that attracts him? And most importantly how do these stories resonate with his own journey?
The film encompasses loneliness in its most nascent form, and yet cleverly juxtaposes it with spurs of excitement to underline the former more clearly. It is interesting, unreal almost, how deeply Valmiki engages with all of them despite being at a distance. So much so, that the lines between natural and supernatural, begin to blur.

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