A Light That Refuses To Fade Out.jpg
Title:-      A Light That Refuses To Fade Out
Country:- India
Language:- Other
Category:- Documentary
Director(s):- Bobbeeta Sharma
Writer(s):- Jimoni Choudhury
Producer(s):- Bobbeeta Sharma / Chinmoy Sharma
Key Cast:- Aruna Mukherjee
Synopsis:- It is a fascinating story of courage, grit determination and how these qualities can push human abilities to no end. This is the story of a 101 years old lady who was surviving only on Black Tea and Biscuits since 1947. Her life and existence is an antithesis to many prevailing beliefs and an inspiration to numerous young girls who grow up in contemporary Indian society. Traditionally in an Indian society young girls are usually groomed on how to conduct oneself in a marriage and in most cases their lives revolve around their husband and children. In a patriarchal society like India a woman first lives her life under the shadow of her father as a daughter, then of her husband as a wife and later of her son as a mother. Hence it is always the male image that governs the contours of her life. This is the story of an ordinary lady, who fulfilled all her worldly responsibilities and then started all over again at the age of 70 to live life on her own terms! Now at 101 years and counting she still has things lined up to do! Aruna Mukherjee is a light that refuses to fade out!!!

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