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We are happy to announce that ‘Smita Patil Documentary and Short Film Festival’ would also consider films for acquisition so if you would like us to consider your film for acquisition please feel free to submit the form below. 

*all the films submitted for the festival are eligible for consideration.  

Please select all the applicable boxes

Film Criteria:

The film must be a non-fiction/documentary or a fiction/narrative short film with duration of 40 minutes of less.

The film must not include hate speech, excessive violence, slanderous or libelous claims, or any other actionable offenses.

The film must not be in the public domain, and must be validly registered for copyright (if applicable).

The film must not

(i) infringe any rights of publicity or privacy, moral rights or IP rights, including any music-related rights,

(ii) be defamatory or indecent, and

(iii) violate any applicable laws.

Non english films need to subtitled.
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