Family In Exile.jpg
Title:-      Family In Exile
Country:- Morocco
Language:- Other
Category:- Documentary
Director(s):- Fatima Matousse
Writer(s):- Fatima Matousse
Producer(s):- Fatima Matousse, Soufiane Idelcadi, Mohammed Ambribet
Key Cast:- Aicha Saadouni, Fatima Ait Abdelmoumen, Hassna Zakir
Synopsis:- Family in Exile is an intimate documentary, set in Morocco, about the conflicts within the filmmaker’s family. It is a daughter’s quest to understand her father’s refusal, over many years, to interact with her and her mother. Through a series of revealing conversations with family members, stories touching on gender tensions, religious beliefs, and parent/child relationships are evoked. It is a personal visual letter of resistance by a daughter to a dictatorial father.

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