Melting Ice.jpg
Title:-      Melting Ice
Country:- India
Language:- English, Hindi
Category:- Short Film
Director(s):- Devanshi Asher
Writer(s):- Devanshi Asher
Producer(s):- Sanjay Barnela, Geetha Narayanan
Key Cast:- Sonam Chondol
Synopsis:- In the cold deserted region of Ladakh in India, where the stark winters which is hard to survive for an Indian living in the tropical Indian heat. I got a chance to travel to Ladakh, meet the Indian Ice Hockey Team and experience the ice hockey season, which no one in India knows about. Thats where I met Sonam Chondol. Sonam chondol is a 21 year old ladakhi girl from the isolate village of Tar. She started her ice hockey journey 4 years ago in SECMOL, when she failed her 10th std board exams and the system tagged her as a failure. She was selected for the Indian Ice Hockey team in 2015 and 2016, when the team was participating in the IIHC championships in Malasiya and Taipei but she couldn’t go because she didn’t have a passport. This year when she got her passport, she couldn’t make it through the team. Over the time, ice hockey has just become a hobby for her because coming from an economically tough background where the father is a seasonal carpenter and the mother is a homemaker and a farmer, there is a lot of pressure on her to become financially independent because the father has gone through a lot of tough time to educate 3 children and run a house.My film revolves around Sonam Chondol and her struggle to achieve her dreams.

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