Summer Time With My Mother.jpg
Title:-      Summer Time With My Mother
Country:- China
Language:- Chinese
Category:- Short Film
Director(s):- Diana Lu
Writer(s):- Diana Lu
Producer(s):- Junior Tang
Key Cast:-
Synopsis:- This film tells a story about the girl and her mother, who is pregnant with a second child during the time Family Planning(One-Child policy) is mandatory. Told from the girl’s perspective, we are invited to witness their fragile emotions during the pregnancy as their close relationship subtly drift apart and gets rebuilt. Combining with special circumstances and exquisite emotions, pitching in from the personal family issue, shadowing humanity and tortured mind, the story portrays the unenlightened perception of patriarchy and the inhumane policy of one-child. The style of dark fairytale and the core of family get remixed: we born with a sense of insecurity; we look for redemption through pain.

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