Sohil holds MFA Film Production from the University of Southern California where his focus was Directing. He has been awarded James Bridges Directing Scholarship and Edward Thomas Troutner Cinematography Scholarship for his achievements at USC. His films have screened at festivals such as 69th Montecatini International Film Festival, L.A Shorts, Hong Kong Art House Film Festival, NewFilmmakers Los Angeles and have been nominated for American Society of Cinematographers(A.S.C) Heritage Awards, 2018. He recently directed a feature film with 7 other directors from USC which was a contemporary adaptation of ‘Count of Monte Christo’.
His very first memories of falling in love with motion pictures are when he saw Jurassic Park as a kid in a small theatre with his father. The power and the impact of moving images fascinated him as a child and made him pursue filmmaking in the future. After finishing his masters in India, he took the initiative to make a documentary named ‘Diaries of Unknown’ to tell the story of 15 million undocumented homeless people. Diaries of Unknown screened at 6th IDSFFK and sparked conversations about this issue. To learn more about the craft of filmmaking, he applied to USC and got selected
While absorbing the completely different culture in L.A, he tries to bring his distinct sensibility cause of his different cultural background into his filmmaking. Stanley Kubrick, Paul Thomas Anderson, Andrei Tarkovsky, and Satyajit Ray are some of the directors who have deeply influenced him. Sohil wants to bridge the gap between east and west with the universally relatable, visually compelling and unique stories.