The History Of Inhumanity.jpg
Title:-      The History Of Inhumanity
Country:- India
Language:- Gujarati, Hindi, Marathi
Category:- Documentary
Director(s):- Nagnath Kharat
Writer(s):- Nagnath Kharat
Producer(s):- Nagnath Kharat
Key Cast:- Keshav Waghmare, Raju Aage, Rekha Aage
Synopsis:- Dalit (untouchables) is the lowest part of Indian-Hindu society. In India every 15 minutes crime committed against Dalits. Also it is difficult for them to get justice in a court because they are not as strong as the upper caste.This story is about Nitin Aage 17-year-old Dalit youth, who had brutally murdered high-caste people in his village of Kharda, because of he loves upper caste girl. There are 200 million Dalits living in India.

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