Title:-      #Vintagelove
Country:- India
Language:- Hindi
Category:- Short Film
Director(s):- Ambar Chakravarty
Writer(s):- Ambar Chakravarty
Producer(s):- Mridula Ramakrishnan
Key Cast:- Dr. Mohan Agashe, Lillette Dubey, Sameer Khakhar
Synopsis:- An old man and an old woman decide to run away from their old age home in search of freedom, adventure and possibly a new shot at romance. They land up in the old mountain town where the man had grown up and he takes her on a nostalgic trip while making goofy attempts to court her. But in their search for new beginnings, they keep running into the past. When an event finally forces the woman to confront her past, she does so in the most unexpected way with a little help from her new ‘boyfriend’. And she finds the catharsis that she needed to be able to move on.

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